timeless - Blanka De Bruyne

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Gepubliceerd door Blanka De Bruyne in poems · 17/3/2017 17:40:23


People live together in peace and respect each other. People recognize each other as interconnected and inspired by the collective inner fire. All kinds of religions strive for beauty. Shoulder to shoulder people meet as equals and recognizing one's own mystique as an expression of the inner self.
The Arts and the development of the higher knowledge of mankind are the highest values and the highest aspiration in society. Each man pursues this goal and supports everyone in his development. Each man sees himself as part of the whole, focuses on peace and love for all mankind and enjoys happiness in life through his curiosity and open mind to different people, all an expression of the same spirit.

I like to share with you the hopeful poem of the wonderful Ben Okri

Gepubliceerd door Blanka De Bruyne in poems · 12/2/2017 20:20:46
I like to share this hopeful poem by Ben Okri
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